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Nearest stations are located at Swanwick (on the Botley Road, from Park Gate), Southampton Parkway, and Fareham.

Swanwick station is generally served by slow, stopping trains, running east-west along the coast. There are a few good connections to London via Havant.

Southampton Parkway is the best choice for fast trains to London. All trains stop here. Normally, the trains which are newer and in better condition start at Weymouth. For regular travellers to London, there are trains at 6:52 and 7:12 which are normally in good condition. On the return journey, the Weymouth trains are better, but are normally more crowded. The 18:05 from Waterloo is generally far less crowded than the 17:45, but the it is generally made up of older rolling stock. However, you are more likely to get a seat on this train.

Note that this is a very congested route into London, and you should expect delays on some of your journeys, if travelling regularly on this route.

The car park at Southampton Parkway is massive, but expensive. Note that the car park is only free on Sundays. A car park for half the price is available at Eastleigh station, but the car park is much smaller. However, space is normally available up to about 9:00 in the morning. Not all fast trains stop here. Eastleigh is also a connecting station with trains to Fareham, via Botley and Hedge End.

Fareham station is a good alternative for the east-west route, or trains to London via Eastleigh (to Waterloo) or Havant (to Victoria).

Another alternative is Havant station. The car park adjacent to the north side of the station almost always has parking spaces, and is around half the price of Southampton Parkway. The return fare to London is also slightly cheaper.

Note than many trains stop at Clapham Junction, except during peak times. This can make it easy to get a train to Victoria, if you get off a Waterloo-bound train at Clapham Junction. Trains depart from Clapham Junction to both Waterloo and Victoria about every seven minutes.

If you want to economise on regular travel to London, there is another option. Drive a car to Hook station (the Hook M3 exit is just after the second Basingstoke exit on the M3 northbound). Hook station is about half a mile from the M3, via an easy route. The fare and car parking is much less than Parkway, but the train is a semi-fast train and takes about 45 minutes to get to London. The train gets crowded, but you will get a seat boarding the train at Hook.

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