This is a list of activities in the Locks Heath area. If you would like yours added, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Active 60 + club
Lockswood Community Centre, Locksheath.
Mondays 2:15pm to 4:30pm.
We have a selection of things on offer, such as:
  • voluntary movement to music exercises, taken by a qualified instructor ( just enough to keep you mobile).
  • Live entertainment,
  • bingo,
  • days out,
  • holidays, and
  • a refreshing cuppa with biscuits.

Come and give us a try - you'd be very welcome, first session free.
Normal admission charge £3 per week and £10.00 yearly joining fee.

Contact Eileen Osborne, chair lady, for more information:
Telephone no: 01489 574763.


Lockswood Library Storytime fun for the under-fives

Storytime for the under-fives at Lockswood library at 11am every Thursday morning (during term-time only) for half and hour.  There are stories to listen to, sing along to rhymes and colouring to finish.  It is all for Free - just pop along and join in the fun.

Do you love talking about books, but can't get to a local reading group? Then join one of our Reading Chains

Nominate any book you like, read it and write a short review. We'll then pass on the book, together with your comments, to the next person in the Chain. Each Chain will usually consist of three to four people. By the end of the Chain your comments will be put up on a library notice-board, where you get the opportunity to compare the various opinions and will help entice others to join the debate.
There is no charge and we will let you know when your next book is ready to be collected. For more information call into Lockswood Library, in Locks Heath centre and have a chat, pick up a form and nominate your book.

Go on, try it - we think you'll get hooked

Interested in Boats and Moody's Boatyard? Then a new Local book out now may interest you. "The Moody Legacy, an illustrated history 1827 - 2005" The author David Moody has spent his retirement producing this personal history of Moody's boatyard. Call in to Lockswood Library and get your copy now!