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Youth Activities
This is a list of youth activities in the Locksheath area. Also see sports section. If any details are incorrect, or you wish to add more details, please use the contact form on the Home Page.

Time Out Childcare - Out of School Care

Park Gate Primary School

Cornerstone Primary School

Hook with Warsash Primary School

St. Johns Primary

Locks Heath Junior

Air Cadets

A voluntary youth organisation open to both boys and girls, which encourages a practical interest in aviation, adventure, sport and a wide range of other interesting activities. It provides training, which will be useful in both service and in civilian life and fosters a spirit of adventure and good citizenship.
1350 (Fareham & District), Farm Road, Titchfield, Fareham, Hants, PO14 4BE. Parade days - Monday, Thursday

Little Big Village
A children’s role play village where young children can imagine, explore and learn through play.

Lots of exciting areas to explore and everything at a little person’s height. Children can make believe they work in the village or pretend to be the customer. They can get their weekly shop from the Supermarket, pop in for a quick cut and blow dry at the Hairdressers, care for their furry friends at the Vets, or stop for a quick bite in the Café. They can even help maintain the village emergency vehicles at Blues & Two’s Auto’s.


Titchfield Amateur Boxing Club


Locks Heath Lions FC

Burridge Youth FC

Crofton Saints Youth Football Club

Sarisbury Sparks Football Club

Warsash Wasps Football Club


Rainbow's is for girls aged 4-7 years whilst Brownies caters for 7-10 year olds, and Guides for 10-14 year olds.

HMS Collingwood

HMS Collingwood Volunteer Cadet Corps
9-14 yrs, adventurous naval training

Martial Arts

Phoenix SMA - Locks Heath


Beaver's is for boys aged 6-8 years whilst Cubs covers the 8 to 10.5 age range, Scouts are 10.5 to 14 years of age and Explorer Scouts are 14 to 18 years old.

Explorer Scouts VIRTUAL YL - Explorers - Fareham West PO14 4RH

1st Locksheath - Beavers, Cubs, Scouts - Fareham West PO14 4JX

1st Park Gate Sea Scout Group - Scouts, Cubs, Beavers, Squirrels - Fareham West

2nd Locks Heath (Priory Park) - Scouts, Cubs, Beavers - Fareham West SO31 6PT

1st Titchfield Sea Scout Group - Scouts, Cubs, Beavers - Fareham West PO14 4AB

Sea Cadets

The Sea Cadet Corps offers young people between ages 10 and 18 a disciplined youth organisation based on the principles of seamanship.

Warsash Sea Cadets

Sea Scouts

2nd Fareham Sea Scouts

The Genesis Centre
Centre Way, Lockswood Centre, Locksheath.
A range of activities for 12 to 18 year olds. Please enquire at the centre.

Holiday Play Schemes

South East Hampshire YMCA, Fairthorne Manor, Curdridge, Southampton
SO30 2GH.
Tel: 01489 785228

Fareham College Holiday Play Scheme, Fareham College, Bishopsfield Road, Fareham
Tel: 01329 815231

Let Us Play Scheme, St. Francis School, Oldbury Way, Fareham
Tel: 01329 845730

Fareham Leisure Centre, Fun Time Club (Out of SchoolCare), Fareham Leisure
Centre, Park Lane, Fareham
Tel: 01329 233652

Team Elite, Holiday Scheme, Meadowside Leisure Centre, Whiteley Way, Whiteley
Telephone: 01329 845900

Brookfield Activity Scheme, Holiday Scheme, Western Wards Community Campus
Brookfield Community School, Brook Lane, Sarisbury Green
Tel: 01489 576335

Elite Soccer School Of Coaching, Holiday Scheme, West Hill Park School
West Hill Park, Titchfield
Tel: 01489 574994

Poppins Early Learning Holiday Club
The Stables, Little Abshot Road, Locks Heath
4 – 8yrs
Tel: 01489 557300,

Special Needs

These usually operate during main school holidays for children with mild to severe learning difficulties. Staff ratios are higher and some offer respite. There is normally a charge and places must be booked. Some schemes also allow siblings to attend. Please contact the individual centres below for more details:

KIDS Family Centre, Delta House, Salterns Lane, Fareham
Tel: 01329 312312

LUPS, St. Francis School, Fareham
Tel: 01329 845730

Fareham Opportunity Group, St Anne's Grove, Fareham
Tel: 01329 823471

Fairthorne Manor, South East Hampshire YMCA, Curdridge, Southampton
Tel: 01489 785228

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